Wash Process

Simply drive up to our convenient RocketFast! Car Wash self-pay station and choose your wash package. Our advanced pay stations are user friendly. Their purpose is to allow the customer to conveniently make the decision as to which wash package you purchase. And they are designed to provide a 2 to 3 second transaction approval time. If you are a Fast Pass customer, the gates will automatically open when your vehicle’s Fast Pass windshield tag is read by the Fast Pass reader at the gate.

One of our friendly team members will always be available if you need any assistance with the pay station or have questions regarding our wash packages.

Then a team member will guide you onto the wash conveyor. Signage will indicate for you to put your vehicle in neutral and to take hands off steering wheel. From that point a series of technologically advanced equipment will do the rest of the work in about 4 minutes. RocketFast! Is not only fast but also simple and convenient!

The best wash come with a special Tri-Color Polish. Its bright pink, yellow and blue colors contain elements that not only enhance your vehicle’s gloss, but also protect its finish from harmful environmental elements.

Our foaming tire and wheel cleaner is safe on all types of wheels. It removes brake dust, road grime, dirt and grease. The wheel blaster uses high pressure water to get rid of immovable dirt and put a new luster on your tires and wheels.

The tire shine machine applies a professional looking tire shine to your vehicle’s tires.

Then the RocketFast! Car Wash bank of nine high performance touch free dryers will dry your car efficiently and effectively. And our spot free rinse water assures a spot free vehicle.

Last but not least, our free self-serve vacuum stations are available for unlimited vacuuming. No coins, no tokens, just free vacuums!

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State of the art water and chemical delivery equipment and a reclamation system that reduces the amount of water consumption by 60%.

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