Looking to raise money for your club or organization. We have you covered! Just sign up for a fundraiser with any of our RocketFast! Car Wash locations and we will assist you in raising money while providing a great product your supporters will love. 

Simply read our fundraising policy and complete a fundraising application to get started. 

Download Fundraising Application / View Fundraising Policy

Please send your application to 

How It Works

You will be asked to sell Clean, Shine and Protect washes through a QR code or link. Both of which will be provided to you. When you do your group will receive 50% of all sales toward their goal.

First all you need to do is fill out the fundraising application above. Then email it to us and we will get rolling. Within 24-72 hours you should receive your welcome email.

From here you will need to set up a Stripe account through the link provided. This account will be how your portion of the funds will be received. Funds are distributed weekly.

Once this is completed you will receive promoting assets for your fundraiser, including the QR code and link mentioned before as well as social posts and flyers. 

Once a donator purchases a wash, they will also get the option to redeem it for themselves or share it with someone else. 

Finally, we will provide you with a thermometer style tracker to keep an eye on your goal and funds raised!

It’s that simple! Please give us a call at 318-232-2420 if you have any questions.

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